About Cocoa Tanning

Cocoa Tanning is Vancouver’s most elegant & upscale tanning studio. With two convenient downtown locations, Cocoa Tanning will bring you the most unforgettable tanning experience and satisfy your fantasy of being the envy of others with a rich, exotic, full body glow. Just bring your mp3 player and plug into one of our beds or the sauna. Enjoy a deep, rich, exotic tan or a soothing sauna experience while you listen to your favourite songs.

  • Bronze Level
    Max 20 Minutes
    Envy 134

    Ultimate Envy Collection will satisfy every tanner’s fantasy for a deep, rich, full body bronze glow.

  • Silver Level
    Max 15 Minutes
    Envy 234

    Ultimate Envy Collection will satisfy every tanner’s fantasy for a deep, rich, full body bronze glow.

  • Gold Level
    Max 12 Minutes
    Epic 442

    The Epic Collection is the classy, sophisticated solution for an exotic, tropical island tan!

  • Diamond Level
    Max 9 Minutes
    Solarforce 652V

    The Solarforce will “wow” you with its advanced body cooling system and sleek, sexy design.

Infrared Sauna
30 Minute Sessions
Golden Designs 6106

Infrared Saunas differ from traditional saunas as it uses infrared energy to directly penetrate into the body’s tissue up to 1.5 inches to produce sweating. Lower temperatures make the environment more tolerable, while also allowing you to breath easier.

Infrared is the band of light we perceive as heat. Only far infrared penetrates organic substances such as the human body so that the warming effect is very uniform. Infrared energy is not only safe, but is also highly beneficial for our bodies.


Our beds and stand-up booths will satisfy every tanner’s fantasy to be the envy of other’s forbidden desires. Relax and indulge, experience a soothing sense of therapeutic contentment and overall enhancement of personal well being with a deep, rich, full body bronze glow.

We carry a range of tanning beds from the Epic and the Envy collection engineered with revolutionary e3 technology incorporating eco-friendly lamps, ergonomic elements and energy saving principles. With high-tech LED Mood Lights, in-bed LED digital timer, in-bed iPod input dock and ergonomic contour tanning surface, you are in for a surprise.


We carry a carefully selected line of lotions by the world’s most recognized lotion brands: Australian Gold, California Tan and Swedish Beauty.

Feel free to discuss your needs with one of our professionally trained and Smart Tan certified staff. Selecting the right lotion will go a long way in maintaining a healthy, long lasting tan and will ensure a sexy, rich and exotic glow.